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Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Depending on how far periodontal disease has progressed, surgical treatment may be the best option for restoring your dental health. We can perform different types of periodontal surgery here at our office, including:

Crown lengthening – This procedure is used when we need to fix a tooth using a filling or crown but there isn’t enough tooth structure above the gumline to support the restoration. Sometimes this is the result of a tooth breaking off at the gumline, but it can also occur if a restoration is lost and decay is present underneath. We may also use crown lengthening to treat a “gummy smile,” which is when excess gum tissue obscures much of your upper teeth.

Osseous surgery – We use this procedure to reshape that bone that holds your tooth in place. Before we perform this surgery, you’ll receive a deep cleaning treatment known as root planing and scaling. Additionally, for the best results, good oral hygiene is a must.

If your dentist has recommended periodontal surgery, please contact your periodontist in Tamarac and Coral Springs, Dr. Larry Shapiro, to schedule your appointment and learn more about these procedures.