Dr. Andrea Trujillo

D.M.D. - General & Cosmetic Dentist

"The key to Dr. Trujillo's success: Perseverance, honesty, and integrity."
Dr. Andrea Trujillo

Dr. Trujillo is affiliated with the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, and the Atlantic Coast Dental District. She is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University in Dental Medicine in 2000. She has also received a Doctorates degree in Dentistry from “La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana” Bogota, Colombia S.A in 1990, and has been practicing dentistry for 20 years. Dr. Trujillo attends several seminars on dentistry. She continues to have a burning desire to expand her practice and to be able to serve all the dental needs for your entire family.

She participates in many community activities which help those in need. She is involved in the Endangered Breed Associations for dogs. As a proud owner of a boxer and two Paso Fino Horses, she continues to have a passion for animals.

Her activities and interests are horseback riding, golf, traveling, boating, and outdoor activities. Dr. Trujillo enjoys all types of self-empowerment courses and Leadership Programs.